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Tracheostomy cuff inflation and deflation: Results What information should you include when documenting tracheostomy care?
Family member present during the procedureStoma and skin conditionNumber of staff members on dutyNumber of tracheostomy sets usedRationale: You should include the patient's stoma and skin condition in your documentation.

Which complication may result from removing a blocked tracheostomy tube?
Increased infectionFeverAirway closureDecreased carbon dioxide levelsRationale: If a patient's tracheostomy becomes blocked for any reason (such as secretions that can't be suctioned), don't remove the tracheostomy tube entirely because doing so may allow the airway to completely close.

How should you position a patient to inflate a tracheostomy cuff?
ProneSemi-Fowler's positionSide-lyingLithotomyRationale: Position a patient in semi-Fowler's or supine position with the head of the bed elevated as tolerated when inflating a tracheos…